Dated Nov. 29, 1943; postmarked Dec. 18. This one is addressed to Babe’s baby sister Rosemarie. It is also noteworthy because it is the first time I’ve seen him sign off as anything but “Babe.”

Dear Rosemarie,

When are you going to send me that picture you promised for so long? Tell mom and pop that I want a picture of everybody, too, and I want one from Vince. I would write to Vince myself, but I got a V-mail from him a couple of days ago telling me not to write because he was being moved to Colgate. I hope he stays there for a couple of years yet.

I hope you get the Christmas card I sent to you all. It’s not beautiful to look at, but the sentiment is there anyway.

I’ll close now, Rosemarie, so take good care of yourself.

Love & Kisses,


PDF: A Letter Addressed Directly to His Baby Sister for the First Time

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