A Cheeky Letter to His Parents: ‘I Can’t Send You a Picture’

Edith Delaney and Ella Logan, entertainers that Babe mentions in this letter. These came from an online scrapbook about the “5th Army Mobile Radio Station.”

Dated Dec. 16, 1943; postmarked Dec. 18.

Dear Folks,

This is a continuation of my last letter. You keep asking me when I am going to send you a picture and I keep writing and telling you that I can’t send you a picture so I suggest you paste this letter on the wall above the desk to remind you about it.

I saw a pretty good show tonight put on by Ella Logan, Edith Delaney and Jerry Skelton. You will have read all about it by the time this letter reaches you.

You mentioned sending me some addresses, but I haven’t received any and furthermore, I forget what addresses I asked for.

Well, I must listen to he news now, so I’ll close.

Love & Kisses,


PDF: A Cheeky Letter to His Parents: ‘I Can’t Send You a Picture’

2 thoughts on “A Cheeky Letter to His Parents: ‘I Can’t Send You a Picture’

  1. A close family friend directed me to your site as I am Edith Delaney’s daughter. i sat here reading your articles and letters and found myself being flooded with memories of my mother’s own retelling of these same events. I do actually have the newspaper of the Stars and Stripes with the story of her visiting her first husband Jack’s grave. My mom also saw a clip of herself dancing at a USO Camp show while watching a PBS show not too long before she passed away and we tried to find it to no avail. I would love to see it too. Hearing your father’s letter was indeed heartwarming for me. My mother was a terrific tap dancer and Ella Logan was her dear friend. I know the shows they performed with the USO meant a great deal to my mother and she had wonderful memories that she shared with us as we grew up. Thank you for recognizing my recognizing my mother in your posting.


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