This letter is to Babe’s older brother Vin, dated Jan. 12, 1945; it is postmarked, however, March 30, 1945. Also note this: He does not begin this letter with, “I am well, happy and safe…”

Dear Vin,

I received your V-mail, the first in a long time.

I am glad you are on a transport; maybe you will have the opportunity of bringing me back after the war is over.

I finally got a letter from Joe Acquista and Gordon Ferguson, who are in the same company. I did not see them yet, but I have hopes.

I’m still in the hospital, but I don’t expect to stay here much longer.

If you ever have the nauseating task of importing P.O.W.’s, make them eat C rations.

Your loving brother,


PDF: ‘Maybe You Will Have the Opportunity of Bringing Me Back After the War’

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