Meeting Another Mount Kisco Boy; Training Details

Babe’s high school diploma, awarded June 23, 1942, about nine months before he went into the service.

Postmarked March 29, 1943, from Camp Wheeler, Ga.

Dear everybody,

Well, I met another Mount Kisco soldier boy here at Camp Wheeler. I was walking through the camp when I met Roccy Rae; I don’t know how to spell it, though. I was never so surprised in my life and he was surprised to see me, too. he has been here for five months and has he got a racket.

He thinks he’ll be a corporal or sergeant soon and he’s in services of supply. All he does all day is sit in the supply room and hand out supplies whenever anyone comes for them. In case you want to write to him, his address is:

Co. C-7th Bat.
Camp Wheeler, Ga.
3rd Platoon

Well, we had a nice bit of training a couple of days ago. We learned how to approach a house, how to pass through a village, how to cross a stream, how to go across a cross-road, and how to cross an open field. Crossing the stream was the worse part of the day because we had to run about 150 yards down a small stream that was ankle deep with water and knee deep in mud. Then, when we got to the end of the stream, we had to wade across a brook with a fast current, about six feet wide and waist deep.

About that telephone call, Ma, I was taking a shower when the C.Q. called me over the P.A. system, so it took a little while for me to get there.

By the way, I don’t need any money or anything and when you send that package, mark fragile on it.

I’ll have to close.

So long,


PDF: March 29, 1943, Letter about Training, Mount Kisco Boy

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