A Quick Letter on a Day of Rest

Dear Everybody,

Today is the day of rest, so I am writing you all a letter.

I explained how, in an earlier letter, I wouldn’t have much of a chance to enter O.C.S. and I also told you I withdrew my application and I will apply again when I get to my next camp. But, I took an army specialist test a couple of days ago and I don’t know what it’s for or how I made out. If I don’t hear anything in two weeks, I’ll know I didn’t make out.

I told you I got paid, but I can’t send you any money yet because I have to see my chaplain and get him to make out a money-order for me.

I just wrote you a letter yesterday or the day before, so I haven’t much more to say.

I think I’ll go see the baseball game today between Camp Wheeler and Nashville. I don’t know whether you know it or not, but Cecil Travis is on the Camp Wheeler team and he is field captain.

I didn’t go to town last night because I haven’t got a lot of money anymore and I have to take it easy. But that isn’t a hint that I want any money.

This is a short letter, but I haven’t got anything else to say except to tell Papa that I doesn’t have to worry about me.

So long,


PDF: Quick Letter about Money, Officer Candidate School


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