My Uncle Bob, my mother and a friend of my brother’s, Mark Richards, perhaps around 1983.

Dated Aug. 1, 1943; postmarked Aug. 4, from the U.S. Army Postal Service.

Dear Mom and Pop,

It just occurred to me that two more days and it will be Bib’s birthday. I never keep track of the date and I just asked one of the boys before I found out. I don’t even know how old he is. I want to send him my best wishes any how.

Right now, I am writing this letter in the guardhouse. But don’t worry, I am on guard and the guards sleep in the guardhouse when they are not walking post.

I like this camp better than the last one and I hope I stay here a little longer.

I guess Vince went by now, but to tell you the truth, I hope he never goes.

That’s about all I have to say for now.

L&K, So-long,


PDF: Away for Brother Bob’s Birthday: ‘I Don’t Even Know How Old He Is’

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