In the 34th Infantry: ‘The Best on This Side, and I Don’t Mean Maybe’

Shoulder patch for the 34th Infantry Division.

Letter dated Aug. 7, 1943; postmarked Aug. 16. With this letter, Babe’s address has changed; he is now posted to the 34th Infantry Division, 168th Infantry Regiment. It appears he’s assigned now to the regiment headquarters. Possibly from Oran, Algeria.

Dear Mom and Pop,

The same old story; I changed my address again. At least, though, I finally got assigned to a regular outfit, and boy, what an outfit. It’s the best on this side and I don’t mean maybe. It’s got a history that dates way back to the Rainbow Division of the last struggle.

Our food here is pretty good and the work isn’t too hard, so I don’t mind this at all. Besides, I think some mail will catch up to me here. I haven’t been at one camp long enough to receive a letter yet.

That’s all for now, so I’ll say so-long.



PDF: In the 34th Infantry: ‘The Best on This Side, and I Don’t Mean Maybe’

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