Seeking a Shaving Brush, a Mirror and Some Candy

A page from this V-mail letter.

Dated Aug. 19, 1943; postmarked Aug. 28. Presumably, he is still in Oran, Algeria, or was there recently.

Dear Mom and Pop,

Well, I’m fine and fit and having the time of my life. I hope you all are the same.

I was in Oran and went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea quite a few times. I never did get around to seeing Casablanca when I was there. They have nice cold beer in the towns around here and the only reason we drink it is because it tastes like the nice cool water we get back there.

There is one thing I want now and I wish you would send it. I want a five-pound package with a good little mirror that is sure not to break on the way over and a shaving brush and a couple of cakes of soap and the rest full of candy, but not hard candy like charms or anything that is likely to melt like chocolate. Caramels and hard candy bars are what I want. If the mirror has any chances of breaking on the way over, don’t send it.

I forgot all about Bib and Vince’s birthdays because I didn’t even know what month it was until someone told me. I want to wish them both a happy birthday even though I don’t know what birthday is when how old they are. Vince must have left by now, huh? Be sure and let me know if he did.

That’s about all I have to say for now except give my regards to everyone over there and kiss Rosemarie for me.



PDF: Seeking a Shaving Brush, a Mirror and Some Candy

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