‘Boy, You Ought to See These French Women in Sarongs’

Not a French woman in a sarong. But it’s a Life cover girl from the era.

Dated Sept. 10, 1943; postmarked Sept. 28. Babe should still be in North Africa at this point.

Dear Folks,

Well, I received beaucoup letters today and I had a good time reading them.

Now the first thing I want to ask you is: Where do those cousins live? If I get a chance and I know where they live, I will go to see them.

I will get Mr. Morgan’s letter, but I don’t think it will get here for quite awhile. Tell him I wish he were here and I were there. But I am having a good time right now. As soon as I finish this letter, I am going to the beach and swim for a few hours. Boy, you ought to see these French women in sarongs.

I’m learning how to speak French all over again and I’m getting along fine now. Once in awhile, I get stuck on a word or two, but usually, I get along pretty well.

Right now I’m listening to the news over my radio and he is telling us about the landings at Naples.

Bib is getting a good break learning about radio because when it comes time for him to go, he will be put into the Signal Corps, which is a good racket. He better not try to enlist, either, because that would be very bad.

That check for $20.00 was out of my money and you will get one check a month.

I wish I could have seen Joe Giardina before I left.

I got Mrs. Miller’s letter and I was certainly surprised to get it. I guess they all got the luck but me. I’m glad somebody from Mount Kisco got a break.

Tell Mr. Morgan I’ll answer his letter if I can find any time at all.

Until a little later then,

Love & Kisses,


P.S. Kiss Rosemarie for me.

PDF: ‘Boy, You Ought to See These French Women in Sarongs’

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