‘I Received a Couple of Birthday Cards from Bib and Rosemarie’

The last few letters have had this return address. Note that it now includes “A.T. Co.” (or Anti-tank Company), which is the unit he served for the duration. He mentions the distinctions between division, regiment and company in this letter.

Dated Oct. 27, 1943; postmarked Nov. 4.

Dear Folks,

I am well, happy and safe and I hope you all are the same.

I received a couple of birthday cards from Bib and Rosemarie and although they’re a little late, they are still welcome.

I didn’t receive any packages or letters from Vince or Mr. Morgan yet, but I’m still sweating them out.

You gave me the name of a fellow whom you said was in my outfit, but you neglected to tell me what part of the outfit. I don’t know whether you mean my division, regiment, or my company. Please let me know.

Well, that’s the end of this communique, so I’ll close now.

Love & Kisses,


P.S. Just as I finished writing the first part of this letter and put it in its envelope, who should pay me a visit but the mailman with a letter from Vince. That was the first letter I received from him and I certainly was happy to hear from him.

He thought I was in France when I was back in Africa so I had to write him a letter to set him straight.

Well, this is really the end of the document, so I’ll sign off once again with love to all,


PDF: ‘I Received a Couple of Birthday Cards from Bib and Rosemarie’

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