Taking the Time to Scold His Brother for Poor Grammar

Royal palace in Caserta, Italy. Creative Commons licensed photo from Flickr user Allibito.

Dated Jan. 10, 1944; postmarked Jan. 13.

Dear Folks,

I received a letter from Bib today dated Dec. 10, 1943. I noticed one thing in particular about his letter. Namely, the amount of mistakes he made in his grammar. As an example of his carelessness, I will point out two of his many mistakes. He wrote, “It was tied score” when he should have written, “It was tie score.” He also wrote, “he has wrote” when it should have been “he has written.” If he doesn’t show considerable improvement in his grammar, I shall have to write to Miss Drum and tell her to push him a little better.

I haven’t heard from Vince in a long time, but I suppose a letter from him is on the way.

I was talking to an Italian today and he would be pleased with the idea of the United States taking over Italy after the war. He thinks all of the people in the United States are millionaires, hence the probability of the same status in Italia should his desire be expressed.

I’ve seen more sun here now that it is winter than I have seen when it was summer. The weather has been pretty good here, considering what it should have been. It gets warm during the day and bitter cold during the night, so we have no trouble sleeping.

That’s about all I have to say in this brief note, so I’ll close now.

Love & Kisses,


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