An Angry Letter About Something His Parents Want to Know

Dated Jan. 17, 1944. I can’t find the envelope for this letter.

Dear Folks,

If you will remember, I wrote Vince a letter a long time ago asking him if he thought I was in the Boy Scouts. If there is anything you want to know and I won’t tell you, there is no other way for you to find it out, so don’t try. All this is in reference to the picture you want. If I couldn’t take care of myself without you writing letters to other people, I wouldn’t be here now.

Nothing would make me more angry or more ashamed of you than to have you write the letter you planned to write. When I ask you to write such a letter, then write it. Until then, I wouldn’t advise you to write it.

Furthermore, the reason I kept asking you for pictures is to show you how I feel when I get that many letters from you asking me for the same thing. In conclusion, don’t take this letter as a joke.

Love and kisses,


PDF: An Angry Letter About Something His Parents Want to Know

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