‘Make Up Your Minds About How Long Vince Was Home’

My grandfather (Babe’s father) worked for the New York Central Railroad; Babe mentions it in this letter.

Dated Jan. 24, 1944; postmarked Jan. 26.

Dear Folks,

I am well, happy and safe and I hope you all are the same.

I received a few letters from you all yesterday. One was dated Dec. 29; the other Dec. 30; and another Jan. 6 I also received a Christmas card from Mr. Morgan, dated Dec. 21; a letter from Uncle Martin dated Nov. 21; and one from the Bullard Co., a Christmas card from the gang.

That just about winds up the news roundup of the week.

Why don’t you all make up your minds about how long Vince was home? One of you says 24 hours, the other says two and a half days, and the other says three days.

I was just thinking of an incident that happened a couple of years ago. That is what prompted me to write this letter. I was thinking of the time we used to buy the jelly because it came in such nice glasses. After we got all of the glasses and we started using them, we had company one day. That was the day the company was remarking about and admiring the glasses when I had to open my mouth and tell them we got them by buying jelly. After they went away, you didn’t know whether to beat me or go blind.

Bib wanted to know if I received his letter telling me about Vince being home for Christmas. Well, I did receive that letter and I want to tell Bib that he writes his V-mails wrong.

By the way, what kind of work does Dad do on the N.Y.C.R.R? Has he got a great big railroad pocket-watch?

About my photo, I already wrote you a sizzling V-mail on that subject and I hope that will finish the question.

We are having beautiful weather here now and the sun shines brightly.

By the way did the rain hurt the rhubarb this year? And how do you like my assortment of fancy stationery?

You better get Bib on the ball and make him study a little harder so he can get all 95’s on his report card.

That’s all for now.

Love and Kisses,


PDF: ‘Make Up Your Minds About How Long Vince Was Home’

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