A Mother’s Day Card, Sent by V-Mail

This Mother’s Day “card” was loose among the letters that my mother had recovered from my grandmother when she died. There was also a loose envelope, with a May 13, 1944, postmark. The card isn’t dated. So I’m assuming the card goes with the envelope.

Babe was in the army for two Mother’s Days — 1943 and 1944 — and was killed shortly before Mother’s Day 1945. This could not have been for the 1943 Mother’s Day because he was still in the States at the time (no need for V-mail) and he notes his new rank of “Technician Fifth Grade” in the return address.

Perhaps he sent it for Mother’s Day 1944, which was on May 14. He also sent a letter dated May 14 (the next one you’ll read here). It’s probably not for Mother’s Day 1945; I’m just guessing, and I’m guessing that the loose envelope goes with the loose Mother’s Day card. Mother’s Day was May 13 in 1945, nine days after he died. Either way, in lieu of any other information, I’m publishing it here.



PDF: Mother’s Day Card, Sent by V-Mail

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