At Last! ‘I Am Back With My Outfit Now and Glad of It’

Letter dated March 31, 1945; postmarked April 2, 1945. It was addressed to 2nd Eng. V.A. Mauro (his brother Vin) at their home address.

Dear Vin,

I am well, happy and safe and I hope you are the same.

I am back with my outfit now and glad of it.

Your letter from Florida did reach me and I answered it, but that was some time ago. I just received your letter from Brooklyn with a couple of dozen other letters that had followed me all over Italy.

The other letter you wrote, you were a first officer, but now I see that you are a second. Did you get “demoted”?

I also understand that you want to try to get back into the Air Corps sometime when they need men. Why don’t you leave well enough alone? I wish I were in your shoes, I would buck hard until they stationed me permanently somewhere in the U.S.A. or immediate territory.

There isn’t a heck of a lot more to say except when are you going to send me another picture? I’ll take some pictures on this side pretty soon.

If you ever come to Italy and get a chance, you know my outfit; just ask for it.

I’ll have to sign off now for lack of material. Give my love to those “jerks” over there.

Your loving “fratello,”


PDF: At Last! ‘I Am Back With My Outfit Now and Glad of It’

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