‘We Just Heard That the War is Over in Italy’

This is a letter from my Uncle Bob to his brother Babe, written on May 3, 1945, postmarked July 31, 1945. It was written the day before Babe’s death and two days after the Germans laid down their arms to the Allies under the terms of an April 29 surrender. Of course, the letter never made it to Babe, which is why I ultimately have it.

Dear Babe:

Well, we just heard that the war is over in Italy and we don’t know what to expect next. I don’t know what you think or know about it, but I just hope that you come home quick.

I just got a letter that said because of the rapid progress of the war, the Army Air Force trained too many men and therefore it stated that I could stay in and get in the ground crew or get a discharge and do something else. I don’t know what yet.

I have been nominated for the Balfour Award, you know, where you get your name on the plate in the front hall. I won’t know whether I won until graduation.



PDF: ‘We Just Heard That the War is Over in Italy’

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