A Letter from My Grandfather on VE Day

This letter was written on May 8, 1945 — VE Day. It was four days after Babe’s death. That my grandparents did not yet know their son was killed illustrates how slowly information moved in 1945. The postmark was July 31, 1945, and that envelope also included the original envelope that enclosed my grandfather’s letter. The letter, by the way, references a letter from Babe dated May 1; I don’t have that letter — unless my grandfather is actually referring to the postmark on this letter, which appears to be the last I have from Babe to his parents.

Dear Son:

Received your letter dated May 1st. Nice to know you are OK. We are doing OK here. Just received that official news. Everything is over in Europe.

Some people here make you sick. They act like kids. Are drinking and making merry. N.Y.C. is full of paper (the streets). You boys are the ones to celebrate. You are the ones that went through it.

Vince was home for 2 days and is doing OK. Bobby received notice that Army Aviation is void. Now has choice of 3 things. I think it’s best for him to remain in the Air Corps or in the ground crew. He can always work himself upward.

The best of everything.



PDF: A Letter from My Grandfather on VE Day

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