Possibly New Photos of Babe from My Father’s Archives

Is this Babe?

For most of the time I worked on this blog, I thought I had only one photograph of Babe: The one that prominently graces so many pages on this site, including the sidebar to the right of this very blog post. Then, nearly three years ago, I came across a photocopy of what I believe to be a picture of him from high school.

But just a few weeks ago, while visiting my family on vacation at the Jersey Shore, my father asked my brother and I to sort through a massive collection of photos that he’d salvaged from his house.

Buried in the bunch were two additional pictures that we’re pretty sure are also of Babe. Nobody is alive anymore who can confirm it, but my father was pretty sure they were him, and the more I look at them, the more I tend to agree.

Unfortunately, there is no context for either of them.

Can you compare them to the color photo of Babe in his uniform? What do you think?

One thought on “Possibly New Photos of Babe from My Father’s Archives

  1. A friend of mine who has made a career of analyzing photos (she has recently published “Shot in Alabama”) says that the best way to determine whether photos are of the same person is (when you can) to look at the ears because the shape of a person’s ears does not change with age. Enlarging both the photos you show would be helpful, but it certainly appears to me that the ears in the first picture are the same as the one in your color photo. The second photo is pretty blurry, but the ears still look much the same, as does the shape of the face–not to mention Babe’s engaging grin! The cleft in the chin is another distinctive mark.


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