My Grandmother’s Letter to the Adjutant General’s Office

I transcribed the reply yesterday that my grandmother received from her letter to the army’s adjutant general’s office seeking information about Babe’s service in the military. But I forgot: I have the letter my grandmother sent, too. More than a year had passed since Babe died when she wrote this letter—and she still didn’t know where he was buried.

The reply was dated Oct. 8, 1946, four months after this letter from my grandmother:

June 6, 1946

Adjutant General’s Office

Dear Sir:

I would like some information regarding my son, T/5 Frank D. Mauro, 32 810 329, 168th Infantry, 34th Division, who was killed in Italy May 4, 1945.

Please send me some record of his campaigns and battles. It seems I never heard anything from any of his company commanders about his battles—much less about where in Italy he is buried.

I would appreciate some special attention on the latter.

Very truly yours,

Florence Mauro

Note about the picture above: My grandmother is the short woman in the back. Starting in the front, the rest of the people are (L-R): My mother, Rosemarie, my brother Steven, my Aunt Dorene who is married to Babe’s brother Vin. Back row: Bob Mauro, Babe’s brother, and my father David.

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