Process Starts to Move Babe’s Remains

A letter from the Quartermaster General’s office appears to be the moment when the process begins to move Babe’s remains from the temporary grave in Mirandola, Italy, to the Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale, N.Y.

The date typed on the letter is “& November 1947,” which I assume was meant to be Nov. 7 (the ampersand appears on the same key as the number seven). A stamp on the bottom of the letter also indicates Nov. 7 as the date.

I have a poor photocopy of the letter, which actually appears to be a photocopy of a carbon copy. I’ve attached a portion as the featured image and a PDF of the document, although it’s not very good.

It is addressed to my grandfather, Frank Mauro, at the Lexington Avenue house in Mount Kisco.

30 months since Babe was killed

Dear Mr. Mauro:

The people of the United States, through the Congress, have authorized the disinterment and final burial of the heroic dead of World War II. The Quartermaster General of the Army has been entrusted with this sacred responsibility to the honored dead. The records of the War Department indicate that you may be the nearest relative of the above-named deceased, who gave his life in the service of his country.

The enclosed pamphlets, “Disposition of World War II Armed Forces Dead,” and “American Cemeteries,” explain the disposition, options and services made available to you by your Government. If you are the next of kin according to the line of kinship as set forth in the enclosed pamphlet, “Disposition of World War II Armed Forces Dead,” you are invited to express your wishes as to the disposition of the remains of the deceased by completing Part I of the enclosed form “Request for Disposition of Remains.” Should you desire to relinquish your rights to the next in line of kinship, please complete Part II of the enclosed form. If you are not the next of kin, please complete Part III of the enclosed form.

If you should elect Option 2, it is advised that no funeral arrangements or other personal arrangements be made until you are further notified by this office.

Will you please complete the enclosed form, “Request for Disposition of Remains” and mail in the enclosed self-addressed envelope, which requires no postage, within 30 days after its receipt by you? Its prompt return will avoid unnecessary delays.


Major General
The Quartermaster General

PDF: Letter to Babe’s parents about disposition of his remains

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