Recruited as a Radio Operator as His Training Begins

Postmarked March 8, 1943, Camp Wheeler, Ga.

Dear Ma and Pa, and everybody else,

As I told you in the last letter, I am in the infantry at Camp Wheeler, BUT, after finding my rare intelligence and ability, I was placed in the radio platoon of the 4th Battalion. I can also apply for officer’s training because my I.Q. mark was above average. However, everyone, or practically everyone, in this battalion can apply for officer’s training. We are all hand picked men from the regular infantry.

The first platoon of Co. B-4th Bat. is all radio. We take (the whole battalion) six weeks of infantry training and seven weeks of radio school. Our infantry training starts tomorrow, Monday.

The second platoon is the intelligence platoon. They make maps of battle areas and get general information about the enemy from enemy prisoners.

Joe Cundari and Eddie Mills are in the third platoon only two buildings away from. They are in communications. They code and decode our messages.

The fourth platoon is the wiring platoon. “Bitter” Cimerola is in this platoon. He has to string wires and has general care of the telephones.

Where I am now, we have all the food we ever had home and we get all we want to eat. There are a swell bunch of men and officers here and I like it a lot.

This is for Papa. Remember, I am in the army now, so be extra careful with that ammunition at Remington and tell your fellow workers not to let any bad ones slip by.

I hope you are all feeling well because I am. How is Grandma? And Rosemarie? And Bib? And Vince? And you all? Fine.

I haven’t had time to write to everyone yet and I won’t have time so I may have to skip you a couple of times. No time.

So sorry.

Pvt. Babe

PDF: Babe Starts Training as Radio Operator

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