On the Protection of Military Information and Boring Letters

Image of Camp Wheeler from Babe’s stationery.

Dated May 9, 1943; postmarked May 10 from Camp Wheeler.

Dear Folks,

I hope you are all fine and feeling good because I am.

I just got off guard duty and as soon as I got into the barracks, it started pouring rain. The men who relieved my shift are soaking wet already and they didn’t even get their rain coats on yet.

I don’t know why I am writing this letter; I have nothing to write about. A couple of days ago, we were given another lecture on safeguarding military information. They tell us not to tell you anything that would be of any value to any spies.

For instance, it is all right for me to tell you that we had some practical work with some radios, but it isn’t all right to tell you what kind of radios we worked with. Therefore, these letters aren’t nearly as interesting as they could be if we could write anything we want to write.

I might just as well close this letter right now because I have nothing else to say.



P.S. Tell Bib to send me The Lantern every week.



PDF: May 9, 1943. On protecting military information.

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