An Enjoyable Hope-Lamour Movie; More About the Local Money

This is the second letter within the envelope postmarked July 27, 1943, by the U.S. Army Postal Service. Click here for the first letter; this letter is dated July 26, from North Africa.

Dear Mom and Pop,

I’m feeling fine and dandy and I hope you all are the same.

We saw another show last night — “They Got Me Covered,” with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. I missed that picture back there so I enjoyed it here.

I got some more French money for you, too. One is five francs, worth 10 cents, and the other is 10 francs, worth 20 cents. You notice these new bills were printed in the U.S. but the old ones were made here. The French, as you will see, let their money keep in circulation until it crumples up into dust. This one is taped up like the 100 franc note I was going to send you in my last letter. The censor told me I couldn’t send more than fifty francs in any one letter, though.

I went to the P.X. and got some Life Savers yesterday and where do you suppose they were manufactured? Port Chester, New York.

That’s all for now.

L&K, So-long,


PDF: An Enjoyable Hope-Lamour Movie; More About the Local Money

3 thoughts on “An Enjoyable Hope-Lamour Movie; More About the Local Money

  1. I stumbled onto your site when I was in search of an image of a vintage Department of the Army envelope. I’m glad I did. I hope you don’t mind me saying that “Babe” is alive and 21 in my mind, pondering over French currency and missing his folks.


  2. Thanks for your comment! That makes me feel great. Might even inspire me to get back to this project. Been so busy with my day job I have been neglecting this terribly.


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