An Encounter, Apparently, with Another Buddy from Back Home

From Babe’s Camp Wheeler stationery.

Dated May 16, 1943; postmarked May 17 from Camp Wheeler.

Dear Folks,

Today is Sunday and I am on the alert with nothing to do, so I was laying on my bed. All of a sudden, I heard someone say “is there a fellow here by the name of Frank Mauro?” I looked up and lo and behold, there stood Frank Lattanzi. Well, he and I had a long conversation, which ended about five minutes ago.

I am writing this letter right now so I won’t forget about that little matter. He mentioned in his speech that Rocky Rae is now stationed somewhere in Ohio. Frank himself will be shipped out of here by Saturday of this week. I expect to be in another camp myself in three weeks.

I guess we will be having a hard week this week with a twenty-mile all-nite hike coming up Wednesday. I can just picture myself now barely able to walk and just coming down the homestretch which is the last six miles always.

This was mean to be nothing more than a short notice, so I’ll close it now.



PDF: An encounter with another hometown buddy

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