Raving About the New Pen-and-Pencil Set; Money Woes

Dated May 21, 1943; postmarked the same day from Camp Wheeler.

Dear Mom and Pop,

I received your package this morning and boy, was I glad to get it. This pen and pencil set is something and I won’t be able to thank you enough for it. Right now, I am showing it off to the whole platoon and they are gasping at it speechless. As I say, it’s the style that counts. I am using the pen to write this letter and let me tell you, it’s the best pen I ever saw. Once more, thanks a million times and I’ll take good care of it.

You wanted to know about the money situation so I’ll tell you. I didn’t send you any money the first month, but I sent you fifty dollars last month, $25 from each month. I also sent you the receipts for War Bonds and insurance they are taking out of my pay and I would like to know if you got them.

I did write to Nano (note: I can’t make out this name) in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. My personal belief is that half of my letters never reach their destination.

I can’t have my pictures taken until you send me the money because I have no money. Out of $50, I get no more than $5 for myself a month and if you don’t believe it, I’ll send you a list of all my deductions in the future. That is also the reason I didn’t send any Mother’s Day card. I only had a quarter then and I had to take my pants out of the cleaners. I didn’t want to tell you this, but you kept asking me about the same things every time, so here it is.

Right now, I have clothes in the cleaners and I can’t get them out until our captain gives my squad the $30 we won shooting on the range. Thirty dollars would mean about $2.15 apiece, which would help me a lot. Besides, before this, I took somebody’s guard duty for three dollars, but after I took my clothes out of the cleaners, got a haircut, bought some razor blades and other shaving equipment, and blew myself to a soda, the money was all gone. I’m sorry to have to write you this, but you asked for it.

If you don’t mind, don’t let Bib read this letter, if he hasn’t already.

I may as well close now because I can’t write anymore anyway.

Love and kisses,


P.S. When are you all going to send me your pictures?

PDF: About the pen-and-pencil set and money woes

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