Biding His Time; Expecting to Be Shipped Out Soon

Aerial view of Camp Wheeler.

Dated June 4, 1943; postmarked the same day from Camp Wheeler.

Dear Mom and Pop,

We all had a hard week last week and now we are sort of resting up until we ship out. Do not write to me any more until you hear from me again. You may not get any news from me for quite awhile, so don’t worry. If Aunt Mary hasn’t already sent the package, tell her not to until I get to my next camp.

Last Monday, we went on one of the twenty-four hour problems. We went out about six miles and set up our C.P.’s. That night, we didn’t do any advancing or retreating, but we stayed in the same C.P. all night. We got back about 4:00 Tuesday morning and ate breakfast. We got to bed at 5:30 and got up at 8:00 so we got 2 and ½ hours sleep out of 36 hours. Then we had the day off Tuesday, but as I just told you, we all got up at 8:00 and scrubbed barracks. We got about 4 hours sleep that night.

At 8:00 Wednesday morning, we went on another twenty-four hour problem. This time, instead of remaining stationary, the C.P.’s advanced three times, about 1 mile each time. We did a good job on that problem and we got in at 3:00 Thursday morning only to find that twenty out of the platoon had to scrub floors at the radio school and message center buildings for not having shoes shined. That topped off everything.

The sergeant and corporals were so mad that they didn’t care if they had their stripes taken away from them. One of the corporals, about 45 years old who saw action in the last war, was actually crying because we got two days off and we had to work both days. They said that out of 18 months here, they never saw a platoon treated the way we were treated and they were darn sore.

Well, we do nothing but loaf around now listening to lectures and stuff. I expect to be out of here in two or three days.

I just got a letter from Rolfe Tarts at mail call. He said Louis Varco is going to get a discharge because of his asthma.

Well, I’ll be closing now. Time to fall out. So-long,


PDF: Expecting to be shipped out of Camp Wheeler any day

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