A Quick Letter of Thanks, and a Hint About Long Train Rides

army-examiner-stampDated June 18, 1943; I can’t make out the postmark. It is marked “via air mail.” I don’t know why it would have been sent air mail. The back of the envelope is stamped June 18, 1943, indicating it was opened that date (presumably by a U.S. Army examiner).

Dear People,

It was nice hearing from you. Boy, I know everything that is going on back home. At least I got an excuse for not writing. We couldn’t write letters while we were riding the trains and we rode the trains quite a bit.

I have to finish this letter in a hurry and get out of here. I’m in the Service Club and it is closing now.

By the by, I am sending you some money in this letter, so let me know if you got it.



PDF: Very brief letter about train rides from Camp Wheeler

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