‘A Soldiers’ Haven for Rest’: Ice Cream, Candy, Soda and Sleep

Written on the envelope of this letter.

Dated June 19, 1943; no postmark.

Dear Folks,

I received your letter today and I was certainly glad to hear from you.

You want me to get a pass out of here, but suppose I told you I can’t even take one step out of this camp? I tried to get a pass today to go to town, but I couldn’t get it. The passes are only good between 5:00 p.m. and 8 a.m. and we can’t get week-end or three-day passes from here. If I do get a pass, I will have some pictures taken in town.

I met two more Mt. Kisco fellows here today. One of them is Phillip, the guy who used to board with Camberraire and the other fellow is one I went to school with, Gordon Ferguson. Phillip is in the field artillery and Ferguson is in the armored force. I was plenty surprised to meet both of them here.

We just scrubbed the floor here for the first time since leaving Wheeler. This place is a soldiers’ haven for rest. I haven’t done anything but eat ice cream and candy and drink soda and sleep since I’ve been here. Furthermore, I like it a lot here.

I think I’ll close now because I have a hundred and one articles of clothing to wash and I want to do them before it gets dark.




PDF: ‘A Soldiers’ Haven for Rest’: Ice Cream, Candy, Soda and Sleep

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