Cold Water at Chow Time; ‘Stage Door Canteen’ Isn’t the Army

Babe saw this picture, he writes in this letter.

Dated June 24; there is no year and no postmark, but the envelope and the stationery fit the sequence of the letters before and after, so I presume it’s from 1943.

Dear Ma and Pa,

I got Vince’s letter yesterday and it was good hearing from him. I hope he does go by next month because it must be pretty bad hanging around such a dead place as Kisco.

We had a specialty for chow the other day: Cold water. It was the first time I had even cool water since I was in my last camp. The drinking water here is warm and all I do is drink all day because one drink will only satisfy me for only a half hour.

We saw a U.S.O. show last night at one of the Service Clubs and it was pretty good. They had a magician there, a woman, and she pulled some slick tricks. We also saw the picture “Stage Door Canteen” it was a good picture, but it’s not the army. If you see that picture, don’t think the army is anything like the way they showed it to be in that picture.

I am glad to hear that Bib is now a junior in high school. I guess that puts him in the upper brackets. He better learn something before he gets out of school, too. If he gets in the army after he graduates, he is going to have a lot of opportunities thrown at him and if he is on the ball he will be able to get someplace.

That’s all folks, so I’ll sign off now until next time.




PDF: Cold Water at Chow, and ‘Stage Door Canteen’ Isn’t the Army

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