July Fourth; Air Scouts for Brother Bob; Seeking Pictures from Home

Babe didn’t get to leave camp for the Fourth of July in 1943, just before leaving the United States.

Dated July 4, 1943; no postmark. Censored.

Dear Mom and Pop,

I was glad to receive your letter today and I’m happy to hear that mom is better.

Everything is pretty dead around here now. I guess it’s because we’ve been here so long that the place is too familiar to us now.

By the by, Joe C. was back yesterday and he says the place looks good again. I don’t suppose anything will happen to him though.

So Bib is an Air Scout now, huh? I’ll bet he’d make a fine looking cadet.

I don’t have any pictures of you all so send me some as soon as you can because I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here. And don’t forget a picture of Rosemarie.

I have a nice detail today, sweeping out empty barracks. We played checkers all morning but nobody said anything. We have to go back this afternoon and play some more.

Two more of the boys who went home for the Fourth of July just came back raving about the good time they had, dodging M.P.’s.

The Peter X-ray (P.X.) is just about to open so I think I’ll dash over there and get myself some nourishment for the afternoon.

I’ll close now until next time.




PDF: July Fourth, seeking pictures from home and pining for Camp Upton

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