‘All That Was Left of the Place Was a Huge Pile of Stone and Debris’

Location of Eboli, Italy

Dated Nov. 24, 1943; apparently combined with another letter in an envelope postmarked Dec. 31.

Dear Folks,

I am well, happy and safe and I hope you all are the same.

I received four letters today, two from you all and one from Vince and one from Gene.

In one of your letters you said my cousins lived in Eboli. I rode all through that town about a month and a half ago. All that was left of the place was a huge pile of stone and debris, but the people were living there anyway. If I had known then that they lived there, I undoubtedly would have seen them. However, I might drop down that way in the future sometime and see them.

Send some air mail envelopes with the paper I asked for previously.

Love & Kisses,


PDF: ‘All that was left of the place was a huge pile of stone and debris’

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