‘It Looks Like Peace in Europe Isn’t too Far Away’

Another letter that was among those found with Babe’s personal effects, presumably tucked into his wallet. This is the second letter from Carol Tavares of Jamaica, Long Island. It was dated April 23 — but I can only assume the year is 1945 based on the content of the letter and where I found it.

Dear Frankie:

This may well be two years since I received your first letter. I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed receiving every one of your letters. I really liked writing to you.

The way thing are going in Europe, it looks like peace in Europe isn’t too far away. After that big job, there’ll even be a bigger one in the Pacific.

The sooner this mess ends, the better. Then all you boys can go home and pick up where you left off before you entered the service.

Take care of yourself and get well soon.



PDF: ‘It Looks Like Peace in Europe Isn’t too Far Away’

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