From My Grandfather to His Son, Babe

Rosemarie Mauro, Babe’s baby sister.

This letter was also among those apparently found with Babe’s wallet and returned with his personal effects after he died. It is dated April 21, 1945, and did not include an envelope. It’s written by my grandfather, Babe’s father, who I never knew. He died long before I was born — even before my mother was married. He references “R.M.,” who was my mother, Rosemarie. She was 31 days shy of her 5th birthday when this was written. She is younger in the picture above. I think, based on a notation on the back, that is was taken Dec. 2, 1943, when she was 3-and-a-half.

Dear Son,

We are all OK here and hope you are the same. Had to get up earlier this morning and take Robert to work. Seems that all I can do is work, get a little sleep and work again. With a bite to eat in between. But I am broadminded enough to realize it’s nothing to what you and the boys are going through.

Being earlier than usual, I took advantage of opportunity to write to you. R.M. is trying to sing some sort of a song. She asked me to mention her and send you 56 kisses. She counted up to 56 before she made a mistake. Missed #57 and 58 and jumped to 59.

Read the boys are advancing on Bologna. Hope and pray you all have an easy time of it. Do not know what else to write about, so shall go out, feed chicks and tend to rest of chores.

Love & kisses,



PDF: From My Grandfather to His Son, Babe

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