My Uncle Bob Writes to His Brother

This letter is from my Uncle Bob, Babe’s younger brother, whom everyone knew as “Bib.” It is dated April 27, 1945; postmarked June 11, 1945, when it was returned because Babe had been killed before he received it. The photo is my Uncle Bob with my Aunt Terry and my daughter Sarah. UPDATE, correcting my earlier recollection of when this photo was taken: The photo is from November 1992, the weekend of my brother’s wedding and Sarah’s first birthday.

Dear Babe:

We just got a couple of letters from you this week and we were glad to hear that you are okay. Everyone here is fine.

I am doing alright in everything in school, and now baseball season is here. We are only practicing so far so I don’t know exactly who is on the team, but I am pretty sure I am going to play this year. There are only about nine more weeks of school. The yearbook will come out pretty soon and I will send you one when they do.



PDF: ‘My Uncle Bob Writes to His Brother’

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