Dated Oct. 5, 1943; postmarked Oct. 18. It has been nearly a month since his last letter to his parents; by now, he is in Italy.

Dear Folks,

I am still well, happy and safe and I hope you all are the same.

I received a couple of letters from you all yesterday, including Joe’s letter. I was glad to hear from him.

I haven’t received any packages or letters from Mr. Morgan yet, but I suppose I will sooner or later.

I’m happy to hear that Bib is doing something worthwhile. He’d get a good job if he were in the army now and if his turn ever does come, he better get a good job.

I haven’t received any letters from Vince yet, although I wrote to him awhile ago. I expect I’ll get his letters in a little while though.

So Teet’s a little soldier boy now, is he? He ought to enjoy that life. I’ll bet you he got in the air corps, too.

That’s about the end of this communique, so I’ll sign off until I get some more news.

Love & Kisses,


PDF: Well, Happy and Safe and I Hope You Are All the Same

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