Can’t Send More Letters; ‘We Have Been Pretty Much on the Go’

Dated June 10, 1944; postmarked June 19, 1944.

Dear Folks,

I am well, happy, and safe and I hope all are the same.

You will probably receive some more pictures in a little while. They are snapshots we took a few months ago. We had them developed and sent to McClaine’s* wife. She will forward them to you and Beavers’ folks.

You are wondering why you don’t receive more letters from me, but I couldn’t help it. Ever since the letter before last, we have been pretty much on the go.

Sometime when we settle down for a few days, I’ll write you a real letter, but until then, don’t worry.

In case I haven’t told you yet, the camera someone sent me was broken when it got here. That’s about all for now.

Love & Kisses,


* Note: I have no idea if this what Babe actually wrote. It could be “Ma Claines”…or, I don’t know what. It’s not a name I recognize and there’s no one left to ask.

PDF: Can’t Send More Letters; ‘We Have Been Pretty Much on the Go’

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