Facing the Monotony of Hospital Life after Babe’s Injury

Dated Dec. 1, 1944; postmarked Dec. 9, 1944.

Dear folks,

I am well, happy, and safe and I hope you all are the same.

That cooked spaghetti you sent really was good. It was so good that I ate it cold. I took two nights to the first jar, half each night, but my mouth watered so at the second jar that I ate it all at one sitting. However, don’t send any more of either kind because it is too much trouble to carry around. Also, do not send me any more cigarettes because I can get them easier than you can. I get a pack a day, which is sufficient for me.

What I do enjoy is candy. We get P.X. rations here and in the last one, we got Milky Ways and I’d swear I never tasted better Milky Ways in my life.

I am leading a dull life at present. There is a movie in the hospital which plays three times a week. The rest of my time is spent either thinking or reading at a ratio of three to one. Every once in awhile a checkerboard and a player pop up and I play checkers. When times are really monotonous, I get out the cards and indulge in a game of solitaire.

After solitaire, my limited variety of amusements is at an end, so I start thinking. From thinking too much, I fall asleep, which rounds out the day. When I wake up, I eat, think and fall asleep. So, another day and another dollar.

Well, that’s about all for now folks, so I’ll sign off.

Love and kisses,


PDF: Facing the monotony of life in the hospital after Babe’s injury

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