Did Babe Have a Sweetheart on Long Island?

Here’s another letter from Babe’s personal effects, apparently folded in his wallet when he drowned. It is dated only “April 10.” I am assuming it fits into the timeline in 1945, because other letters found there were dated that year. It’s from a woman named Carol Tavares, from Jamaica, N.Y. The letter was badly damaged by the water, so there’s not much content to share.

Dear Frankie,

I hope that you are feeling much better.

This past weekend was a busy one for (me). Saturday night, I attended  [illegible] ball. I sure had (a) swell time. On Sunday, [illegible] my brothers friends [illegible].

Hey [illegible].

[Nearly five lines of illegible text follow.]

He crossed the Rhine [illegible]. [Another line of illegible text.]


That’s about all for now, Frankie. Take care of yourself.



PDF: Did Babe Have a Sweetheart on Long Island?

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