‘I Have to Get a Lot of People on the Beam’

In a small cache of new documents my Aunt Terry gave me in July 2022 was a letter from Babe that I hadn’t seen. It falls between this one on Sept. 10, 1943, and this one on Oct. 5, 1943. This “new” letter is addressed on the envelope to his baby sister (my mother), but not so much in its body. It’s dated Sept. 30, 1943, and postmarked Oct. 1.

Dear folks,

I am well, happy and safe and I hope you all are the same.

I haven’t heard from Vince yet although I wrote to him quite a while ago. However, I expect a letter from him soon. I also expect Mr. Morgan’s letter any day now.

I have a lot of letters to write in the next couple of days because I have to get a lot of people on the beam again. They haven’t been writing or their letters were lost, one or the other.

I haven’t received any packages yet but I will. If you ever need a letter from me to send a package, you write the letter yourself and put it in one of my old envelopes that I addressed to you. Put anything you want to in package and send it and I’ll find good use for it no matter what it is.

That’s about all I can say now so I’ll sign off.

Love & kisses,


P.S. Don’t forget to tell me where those people live.

PDF: ‘I have to get a lot of people on the beam’

2 thoughts on “‘I Have to Get a Lot of People on the Beam’

  1. The postmark appears quite clear to me: October 1, which would make sense for a letter dated September 30.

    I’d never heard the phrase “on the beam,” but various dictionaries define it as “on the right track.” One adds a derivation: “On or along the correct or proper track or way of thinking. A reference to the former practice in which aircraft would home in on a radio beam in order to navigate to their destination.”

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